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Ask about before hours drop off.  Full or half day daycare available with grooming for a small supplement.

  • Sanitary trim and clean for dogs with fur less than an inch

    45 min

    From $45 - $95
  • 5 - 20 lbs

    1 hr

    Starting at $65
  • 21 - 55 lbs

    1 hr 30 min

    Starting at $75
  • 56+ lbs

    2 hr

    $90+, Hourly for XL
  • Quick & Easy Maintenance

    30 min

    Starting from $50
  • Serious De-Matting or Lion Cut

    45 min

    Starting from $75

We Deliver!

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Owning a pet adds love and purpose to your life; but it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way. Caring for your animals - whether they’re birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians or mammals - begins the moment you make them a part of your home. At Live Right Pet Supplies, we offer a number of services to help your adjustment go smoother and to help you take great care of your pets.